Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ramblings: A real page turner

While in the waiting area picking my mom up from a medical "procedure" on her back, I had some time to flip through a few magazines. The first to catch my eye was of course:
(How could I not be drawn to that beauty, right?)
Is this a Texas thing? Although I've lived here a long time, I think this is the first time I've encountered this particular periodical in any doctor's office. I have seen plenty of livestock-related materials, but never a monthly magazine dedicated solely to rifles. Or the men that love their rifles. I'm thinking about writing a letter to the editor, posing as a female rifle-enthusiast that is put off by their sexist magazine title. But that would make me a feminist rifle-enthusiast and I'm pretty sure they'd know I was lying then. I'm guessing there aren't too many of those chicas running around. Well, they're probably not running. I pretty sure you shouldn't run around while you're busy being enthusiastic about and/or with your rifle.

But then I found an article in some whacky health food magazine that was music to my, eyes I guess, since I was reading. 

Umm, what kind of crazy person would choose a deep-fried twinkie over that fine, fluffy ball of freshly-spun pinkalicious tastiness?And NO FAT. Lovely.

But then the receptionist interrupted my cotton-candy daydream with, "Oh! You must be due anyday now!"

And then I had to pick up the magazine with the giant picture of a weapon and hurl it at her as a weapon. So maybe I am the first Pregnant feminist American Riflewoman; subtitled: "With Anger Issues--You Got a Problem With That?"

And yes, if you live down here in the South--where we love both our rifles AND more importantly, our cotton candy--check out what you can find now.
Yeah, that's right. Blue Bell--the undeniable RULER of all ice cream makers--has created a cotton candy flavor. And those others don't look so bad either.

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Lydianne said...

Laura, you are so funny! At work, I get asked all of the time if I own a gun (do I look like the type?) and when I say no, they ask me how I plan to protect myself. I guess I will just have to use sheer brute force.

Have you guys decided on a name, yet?