Monday, June 21, 2010

Rant: I'm hot (and not the cute kind of hot, unless pit stains are attractive)

Let me break it down for you: Being 6 months pregnant in a Texas summer stinks. Quite literally and figuratively.  I can't cool off.  I sweat non-stop. I can't afford to air condition the house to a temperature I would enjoy. The only place I can find relief is when I'm hauling the crazies around in the minivan. That lovely mom-mobile can pump out some seriously cold air in a hurry. And all the vents in the front half are pointed in my direction. But get this--my kids have started bringing blankets in the car because they whine and cry the whole time that they're freezing. I'm sorry--but freeze. I'm in the process of GROWING a person and it's 110* outside. I'm an inferno--so drag your little blankets with you because the air's coming on full blast.

I've looked into getting one of these for the house so I can drag it around behind me no matter where I go. (Don't you think I could have some little wheels installed there along the bottom? Or prop it in a Little Tikes wagon?) Plus, I'm pretty sure it'd be really loud and I can't help but think I would appreciate all the tattling and whining I wouldn't hear with it on.


S Palfreyman said...

So is that something you can register for. Something we can all go in on. Maybe the Federal Gov. has on in LA laying around from Katrina.

Travis and Jamie said...

I can so relate. Xander was born July 5th. It was super hot in Kentucky, and I swear it rained more than normal just to make me more miserable with humidity. Hang in there lady!