Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ramblings: Crazy catch-up

I have finally downloaded the all the pictures that have been sitting in my camera. This past few weeks has been a blur of activities, awards ceremonies, baseball games, sweating in the 100* heat, end of year parties, birthday parties, and a visit from a fun aunt, uncle, and cousin.

The aforementioned visit by her adorable 1 year old cousin Laura only confirmed to Maddie that she is going to be utterly disappointed when she will have yet another stinky brother to play with, instead of a fantastically girly little creature to follow around that actually enjoys learning how to accessorize and dress up.  We'll have to borrow female cousins from time to time so she'll survive.

(Maddie left them a funny note one day in which she wrote "To Peter: You're the craziest guy I know." Peter's pretty mellow, so it was a rather hilarious description--especially considering the crowd she currently resides with.)

If I work backwards, maybe I can remember most of the stuff I planned on writing about at the time.
*Last night, almost exactly a month before her 7th birthday, Maddie lost her first tooth. Not to be outdone by her greasy tool-wielding Uncle Brent, Jeremy pulled it out with a pair of needlenose plyers. Why he couldn't have just used a paper towel, I will never know. But the thing is finally out, and she was SO excited.

*Alex and Jeremy went to the BYU father and son's basketball camp in Utah for four days over Memorial Day. They had a blast, hung out with all the BYU basketball players, ate like kings in the dorm cafeteria, and played more basketball than their legs appreciated. When they finally got in from the airport on their first night there, it was about 1:30 in the morning and there were still tons of college students outside playing football, riding around on bikes, and hanging out around town.  Alex was amazed--"Why are all these people still awake at 1:30 in the morning?"  "Cuz that's what you get to do when you're in college." And then after he saw the huge cold cereal selection in the cafeteria the next morning, he was sold. He's already started filling out his applications.

Jeremy's had Alex watching all the BYU games for years, so he was amazed when one of his favorite players, Jimmer, sat down next to them to eat on the first day. (Don't get me started on the name Jimmer. Yikes.)
Alex hiked up the mountain with the famous Y on the side, despite his overwhelming fear of heights (apparently a cute 20 something student heard his despair before they started and stopped to assure him he would indeed survive and that it wasn't that bad once you got up there. All it takes is a cute college girl and guys will pretty much climb whatever mountain you tell them to...even though he still looks like he's about to throw up.) I was about to throw up after spending the 4 1/2 days by myself trying to entertain the other three.  There's not much to do when everything makes you hotter than you already are and achy all over. Good thing Grandma's pool was nice and cool. And the little boys finally decided that naps at Grandma's house are cool.

* The twins turned four last Sunday. FOUR. IV.  Can you believe it? I assumed by 4 they'd be over all their wild shenanigans.  Hmmm--not so much. We had a small party at Grandma's after some swimming and we'll be doing another since Dad and Alex are back. They asked for a pirate party so Auntie Brooke was nice enough to whip up this hilarious Pirate cake for them.
Here's the video of the cake festivities. Maddie insisted on singing with this electronic candle that played Happy Birthday at doubletime.
Grandma and Grandpa gave them all sorts of fun stuff--including Spiderman sunglasses--which will go great with the new swim stuff that their Grandma Apples sent them. Aidan struck this pose for me when I asked to see them.

* Maddie and Alex both received school awards for being on the A honor role all year. Maddie got the "Friendship" award in her class for being such a good friend to everyone. We're so excited because her teacher is moving up a grade and she gets to have her again next year.
Alex received the "Outstanding Character" award. Don't know if it was for having it, or for being one. Maybe both. He missed his ceremony because he was gone being amazed by 7 foot tall guys jumping around.

*Alex played at his piano recital a few weeks ago. Sorry no video, but here's the audio. He played one of the pieces he memorized earlier a couple months ago for a competition. His teacher really had him focus on dynamics--making things louder and softer, playing the staccato notes quickly, etc. He's played it so many times that he usually plays it at 900 miles an hour at home, which luckily he didn't do in the recital.

He must have made Dad proud (or else Dad was just craving peanut butter cups) because he came home with an ice cream stained suit. I was home on crazy 3 year old duty because the napless fools were in no shape to make any public appearances (although the audio may have been far more entertaining). Since I got to attend his nail-biting competition last month (he was a nervous wreck), it was Dad's turn to accompany the maestro.

*I'm getting more and more ginormous by the day. People look shocked when I tell them I still have to make it thru the end of September. Yeah, I get it. I'm huge. Thanks. Maddie got to go with me to my latest sonogram a few weeks ago, where it was reconfirmed that it's a boy and Maddie made barf noises in the background. She had pulled a muscle in her leg and had trouble walking and straightening it, so she got to skip school. We made a day of it with shopping and then lunch at her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  The kid loves soup and salad.  I tried to convince her that in the future, we'll get to do girl days all the time and we'll leave all the stinky boys at home with dad. She's starting to accept the only girl thing.

That's all for now. The boys have found glue and are doing a "project." Must go investigate.


Deanna said...

Oh my! You need to warn me when you have the video camera out and there's singing involved. I was about to be really embarrassed. Luckily, your voice is louder than mine.

Way to go Maddie and Al on the teeth, basketball, piano, school, etc. stuff.

Have the boys lost all of the disks for their toys yet? Hopefully, you aren't cursing my name because of those yet.

Deanna said...
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Amy said...

Not sure about the pliers/teeth thing. Maybe you are a little too far from the city out there.

I know you're not huge! You only have one this time around!

aubrey said...

Tess and I are in the same estrogen boat here...she's started to make her peace with the only girl thing. I am sure it'll be easier when Jack and I aren't joined at the boob and we can actually go and do fun girl things without any of the boys. I am SOOOO looking forward to father son campouts in the future!