Monday, October 19, 2009

Ramblings: Pardon me

Sorry about the absence--all the rest of us that weren't in the first round of sickies have been busy biting the dust. The boys got some stomach virus, and as much as I LOVE cleaning up throw up, I'm glad that it seems to have passed. There's nothing like cleaning vomit chunks from between the cushions of my leather couch that makes me appreciate the fact that Alex was old enough to make it to the toilet every time he threw up--which was about 100 times in 1 1/2 days. I think we're all on the mend--for now.

Jeremy decided to get the flu for a couple of days and sleep under 6 inches of down blankets because he was feverish and had the chills. One night he woke up and hollered, "I'm so HOT!" To which I replied, "Take off your blankets then." And then he said in a huff, "I'm glad you think this is funny." I didn't... but now I do since he has NO recollection of that entire event. He was delirious or high on NyQuil or something. Luckily, I only felt like a cement truck parked on my upper body for about three days. I'm finally getting my energy back and managed to vacuum the entire downstairs without sitting down for a break or passing out from dizziness.

And hopefully our sick little niece Caroline will be over the worst of it soon, too. She's been battling the flu for awhile now and just got hospitalized on Sunday with pneumonia. She's just about the happiest and smiliest kid you'll ever meet, so we hope she's home and healthy again soon. And I hear she's been promised a lifetime supply of Happy Meals out of the deal, too. I'm documenting it here for her so she'll have proof later on if her dad tries to deny it.

And congrats to Jessica who will hopefully be making it through the winter flu-free with her brand, spanking new baby boy, August.

And sadly, I hear that we won't get to see his birth video (which I really NEEDED to see because it was all-naturale and drug-free) because the camera-woman decided to get hungry in the exact 40 seconds it took Jessica to go from a 4 to 10, and then pop the little nugget out. And if you don't know what any of those numbers mean, than you FOR SURE have never been a woman in labor, or had your hand almost squeezed to death and/or your head almost ripped clean off your stump of a neck by a woman in labor.

I'm loving his little toupee of dark hair. I hope it all stays in. But then she may try to dress him in girlie clothes and stick bows in it...Four boys will make you do crazy things.


Travis and Jamie said...

Cleaning barf chuncks off a fuzzy wool blanket isn't fun either. Especially when your sick as well and the culprit of the chunky barf takes said wool blanket outside to shake it off then decides that he is too weak and drops it into the wood chips. Yeah, that was fun.
Feel for ya sister!

brent and kashann said...

Wow, you have a lot going on! Is everyone better. I really felt for you last week when you were doing it alone.
Thanks for documenting the happy meal deal. He is already trying to talk up chuck-e cheese and offering a one time chuck-e cheese trade for 100 MCDonald runs.
Caroline is wearing her new pink flower in her hair and sometimes the funky sunglasses. I thought it would be a good way for the Dr's to break the ice and ask about her bow. The stickers and little mermaid were perfect time wasters. Thanks so much for the package. I seriously don't know how you fit it into your busy week. We love you guys!

Alainna Beus said...

How are you guys doing? You must be busy because you're blog has not been updated for almost two weeks. I hope all is well. Are all the kids recovered from all the sickness they had?

The Lowe Family said...

how sweet of you to dedicate some blog space to my Gus man. thank you! there WILL be a slideshow coming soon, but yes, unfortunately the excorcist photos and crowning (which i KNOW u wanted to see) will be nixed becuz of my need for speed. i can't help it. sorry.