Friday, April 3, 2009

Ramblings: Passing the American Idol Love Torch

Jeremy's dreamy-eyed, lustful, man-crushing gazes that used to be aimed in little Archie's direction have been shifted to another...

Out with the old--

In with the new.

It's funny, I don't know if I would be more comfortable with him salivating over a hot girl on there or maintaining a man crush for yet another year.

He definitely has a type though, doesn't he?

Let's just hope the dermatologist can laser off his "Archie Rulz" heart tattoo so he can have it updated. Or perhaps he'll just add a new one. But I don't know how many more he'll be able to squeeze in next to his first tat (Clay, of course) cuz pretty soon he'll just look completely ridiculous.


blindblogger said...

He's living a dream through them.

The Lowe Family said...

i'm totally getting that tatoo on my buns as a surprise for austin. he's gonna love it.

Lindsay said...

wait... does he really have that clay aiken tattoo? ps. I like the idea of calling that baby pose, "freeze, dirt bag!" i laughed hardily.

Poopsy Doopsy said...

Why not Adam Lambert? It seems like Jeremy likes the cleaner, more wholesome looking guys. Adam is probably a litte too punk-rocker for him.