Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ramblings: Wedding Bells

Too much to write + too tired to write=
a short post and promise to write more tomorrow.

(That is one pimp sweater...)

My little brother finally tied the knot (noose? hehe ) today with his long-time girlfriend Brooke, whose real first name is Randi. We only found that out about 5 years after they started dating when it was discovered that when they met, Greg didn't like calling her Randi (a "dude's name"), so he started calling her by her middle name. So now he and my family are the only ones in the entire universe that call her Brooke. And after today she'll be changing her name again for him. Sheesh. He's so high maintenance. 

It's hard to believe the same kid I helped potty train (yup--wiping and all. I should get the award for sister of the freaking century) and let sleep on my floor for about six years straight, is now officially a married man.  I'll willingly let Brooke take care of both those things now. 

Maybe I can persuade her to hide a pair of scissors under her pillow and give him that awesome side-spike hairdo again while he's asleep.  And while she's got the scissors out, she can cut about 18 inches off his shorts so he can have a set of daisy-dukes like these blue bad boys. (I'll admit to wiping his hiney--but my mom gets all the credit for the tiny shorts ensemble.)

We are even lucky enough to have my Grandma R.  in town from Washington for the festivities. My kids don't quite believe that even I have Grandmas, and that their Grandma has a mommy. It's messing with their minds a little. The boys warmed up to her fast and even shared some grapes with her, so she's got the in with them. 

I've got lots of fun photos to post of our pre-wedding girls spa outing and dinner, the rehearsal, and the big day. I'm dead tired now and still have to prepare a lesson for my church class tomorrow, so I'll have to add more later. 

And even though Alex begged him at the reception, he will NOT be having a sleepover at Greg's house tonight. And I promise that we did NOT bribe Alex to ask him. 


The Lowe Family said...

grandma is precious and i don't she knows QUITE the level of damage those grape sharers can create. which makes me like her more.

Pamela said...

What a busy weekend! Congrats to Greg.