Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ramblings: Elvira update

Photo documentation provided by one still sad hair-homicide victim. I only showed the back because I haven't yet received her explicit written permission to use the photos showing her face--her now pale, depressed, "I feel like everyone will stare at my crazy hair so I can never leave the house" face.  But I don't know what she's talking about--that color totally screams "medium brown with caramel highlights."  I was really hoping she'd be wearing a black spandex dress in the pictures so I could do a side by side comparison with Elvira down there. 
I think she should just tell everyone she really got into all those vampire books and movies that are popular right now.  Or keep the hair color and make a little extra cash doing impersonations on the weekends. Or by singing lead in a punk rock band. The possibilities are endless.  But no, it really, really is not that bad. And please don't punch me in the face--I mean it. But the bird poop on the car really, really is that bad


Kris said...

That's what I told Lydianne, even if she hates it, I bet it looks really punk rock and cool. I'm sure it looks great. The bird poop is bad. And 5 hours?! Holy cow!

The Lowe Family said...

uhm ok. so i received these pictures last night and i'm still completely BLOWN away at the hair this morning. why? how? i can just see the black attitude they gave her at the salon/school. oh my gosh...emo.