Friday, June 6, 2008

Rave (because it made me laugh): Something I Never Thought I'd Have to Explain

Why someone wouldn't appreciate you trying to pick out their swimsuit wedgie for them.

**I'm editing this post because apparently it was leaving alot of questions unanswered. After a day of sprinkler-ing with her cousins, Maddie came in and was explaining to me how Tara (cousin) got mad when she tried to help her pick her swimsuit wedgie. "But mom, she had a wedgie when we were running around out there and I was just trying to help her so she could run better. She wouldn't let me." No kidding. Swimsuit wedgies are best left picked by the wearer of the swimsuit.

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The Richards said...

So funny! Yes that was Mary in the picture and she makes me feel really old. Her two are Evan and Sadie and Jon has two with a third on the way, crazy they should still be like 13! If you really want to feel old, look at the girl holding Caitlyn, that is Savanah my neice that was born the year we moved to Texas - she will be 16 this year - where does the time go?