Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ramblings: A Day in Georgia

This past weekend I tagged along on Jeremy's quick business trip to Georgia--KID FREE. (We got Grandma drunk on Diet Coke and Milk Duds again so she'd agree to watch the kids). I was super excited to get a chance to hang out with my fab friend Jill, even if it was just for what seemed like a few hours. We got in Sunday night and left very early Tuesday morning. It's just great to have friends that even if it's six months or six years since you've seen them, it feels like you just pick up where you left off .

Monday while the menfolk went to work, Jill and I pampered ourselves by getting a babysitter for a couple of hours for her two way-less-crazy-than-my crazies. First we went and had our little piggies spoiled with a pedicure--it lasted over an hour and I even splurged and let the lady paint little flowers on my big toes. Maddie was way jealous--especially of the little sparkle she put in the middle of each flower. (I'd take a picture but I think I have really ugly feet.)

Then we went and ate at a great little cafe where we actually got to enjoy our food and talk instead of tending to little ones and scarfing bites without even realizing it. We also hit Bath and Body Works, which FYI is having one of their crazy big sales. Let's just say my suitcase going home was about 10 pounds heavier than before.

Jeremy met up with the rest of us at the lake around 6 and we went out on Chip and Jill's boat. I learned two important lessons while boating. 1) The drain plug is apparently a very important item to remember if you'd like your boat to remain above the water. Let's just say we had a close call and almost got to find out how long it takes an extremely nice boat to sink in 15 feet of water. And I also saw that that's what it takes to make Chip look like he drank a gallon of curdled milk. 2) I can cross professional wakeboarder off any list of future goals or aspirations. Seriously. And every inch of my body is still aching from wiping out about 15 times.

And because I'm obsessed with taking pictures, I had to use Jeremy's iphone to capture a few funny ones during our trip because I forgot my camera.

The first picture here is us celebrating getting though the security check in under 3 minutes. Not because the lines are usually long, but do you have any idea how long it takes to get 2 adults, 4 kids, a double stroller, 2 huge carseats, and all our carry-on junk through security? We were basking in the joy of being able to just cruise through without any chaos.

Next is a picture of my view the entire flight. But the picture doesn't do this hairdo justice--there were rolls, spikes, braids, and three colors making up this beehive. Pure. Awesome.

When we were waiting for our luggage I had a blast from the past (yeah, I know---we checked luggage for a two-day trip. But Jeremy had a huge 50 pound box of legal documents we had to check anyway). Remember when it was cool to thread your belt under the leather label on the back of your jeans? Anyway, apparently this guy wanted the world to know he was busting out his fanciest pair of Lee jeans for traveling. I contemplated whether this under the label belt-threading was accidental, but it would be pretty hard to accidentally get your belt under that tight label. If you are still doing this with your jeans, STOP IT. People like me are secretly taking pictures of your bum in public.

So it was a great start to a reeeeeeeally long summer vacation. My kids are already telling me how bored they are, how there's nothing to do, and the fighting---oh, the fighting. But my treat to myself this summer is going to be making time to get myself a pedicure at least once a month. Because if momma's piggies ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.


Sandito said...
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Sandito said...

I am offended! I don't have to be intoxicated on Diet Coke nor do I have to indulge in Milk Duds to watch my babies...although, it is a perk I am not willing to give up! :) And by the way, this time it was Hot Tamales. (Did you notice the box was half gone?)And...I didn't need the Diet Coke until after the second night!!!
I don't know why you call your kids "the crazies". They were PERFECT for me....always are...perhaps it was my excellent grandparenting skills? Then again, perhaps it was Greg and Brooke's help. Thanks, guys.

Amy said...

The hair is awesome. I'm jealous that you were in such close proximity of such greatness. We should all be a little more adventurous with our hair.

As for the pants. THANK YOU. I've been saying the SAME THING for years. Seriously! I'm glad I'm not the only one who recognizes serious fashion faux pas.

Cristin said...

The hair is amazing...and not everyone can pull something like that off!

Can't believe your babies are 2 already!

The Lowes said...

I'm glad u finally posted something, I was getting pored looking at the wedgie.

I like the mans bum and his belt issue. I'll stop that right away.

A trip with no kids...hmm...I can only dream.

Brent and Kashann said...

What a great trip review! Laura you are the best blogger ever, and I am so glad you got away for a break!g

Jill said...

OK...all I have to say is PMP (peeing my pants). your blog is genius, and so super funny. Can i pay you to write my blog for me? I'm sure you have time in between all the lee jeans picture taking and chasiing kids...hehe. Love you guys! See you soon.