Friday, February 29, 2008

Rambling Rave: Mr. Bubbles

As you read this, Jeremy and I are probably in the midst of enjoying a rare little getaway. (Thanks to Grandma L. who was nice/insane/overmedicated enough to agree to staying with the crazies). We're taking off to drive to see THIS GUY...Michael Buble. He's performing in Bossier City (near Shreveport) and we're staying overnight. It's about 3 1/2 hours away, good shopping along the way, and lots of great food because of all the casinos. (Grandma R.--if you're reading this, I know you're jealous! And now mortified because I've outed your one weakness. But don't worry, there are lots of "Grandma"s out there--no one will know it's you! P.S. I'll pull a few one-armed bandits for you.)

We'll be journeying kid-free in a car without car seats, NOT listening to The Wheels on the Bus, stopping only when we want to (or when Jeremy needs one of his four potty breaks), and without all the typical screaming, whaling, and gnashing of teeth (at least if Jeremy obeys all traffic signs).

This has been the longest week! Today's departure couldn't be better timing for me to escape the perils of Motherhood for a few treasured hours. Let's just say, this week's been one of those that when someone asks you how you are doing, you bite your lip really hard so that you don't start crying.

I've been to the doctor twice for myself, twice with kids, changed about 150 diarrhea diapers, and been thrown up at/on about 6 times. I was actually quite proud that my reflex barf didn't kick in all over their little barfy heads. I managed to clean them and their messes with only minimal gagging...a first for me. I have also developed a new appreciation and love for antibiotics. I have been on two back to back for : a sinus infection, bronchitis, double ear infections, and then Wednesday for another UTI. (If you don't know what that is, it probably means you've never suffered from one, which means you are a terrifically lucky and blessed person). On top of all this, Jeremy's been in or preparing for depositions every day for the past two weeks--which translates to ridiculously early mornings and late nights. The kids were berserk and needed a good wrestling match, which I was in no shape to offer.

So now that I can finally hear in both ears again, I'm looking forward to hearing me some Buble! I'll let you know how it goes--and Grandma, I'll mail you any winnings!


Travis and Jamie Shepherd said...

I hope that you had a FAB time away. I can't wait until Xander is a little older. He could do for some "Grammy" time.

Andrea said...

Oh - how FUN! We love Michael Buble. That sounds awesome. I'm glad you're getting a break. Have a GREAT time!

Melissa said...

Hey Laura! This is Melissa. I found your blog through Andrea's. I am so glad that you are blogging!! I read all your posts today and I was laughing SO HARD!!! You are hysterical and you are such an amazing writer!