Monday, October 3, 2011

Ramblings: Pumpkin' Lovin

My two local sister-in-laws and I ventured to the Dallas Arboretum today with the under school-aged kiddies to hang out with the millions of pumpkins and flowers (and other kid-toting, stroller pushing moms). It was really something to see--gourd overload.

Trace didn't know what was going on for the first 20 minutes--he just kept looking at the massive stacks, lines, piles, and buildings made out of multi-colored pumpkins and then back at me to make sure this was all legit. Then he loosened up and started smiling and playing with some so that I could manage to catch a few pictures to mark his first birthday. 

Deanna with a momentarily happy Emily and (always) happy James.
This is Braxton. Our newest nephew/cousin. He really cramped our style by being unwilling to be buried in the massive pile of pumpkins--he insisted on someone at least supporting his neck. Dang those undeveloped neck muscles. 

And at one point, Trace was frustrated that I wasn't giving him enough direction and he took the photo shoot in an entirely different direction. He's bringing sexy back...back with red hair. None of my other kids had this orangey/red hair. Crazy.
"Come on, you know you want a piece of this T-Bone." We have about three friends that call Trace "T-bone". I'm not sure how I feel about that...
"I like this thing. It actually makes my head look small..."
Really embarrassed that he is a year old and STILL doesn't have any teeth, Trace refuses any more open mouth smiles. Or he's filling his diaper. This one reminds me of those 80's Olan Mills photos where the photographer tells you to stare off into the distance.

The big pumpkins were surprisingly really cold, despite the fact that it was about 85 degrees. I guess Trace needed a moment to cool down on his giant pumpkin pillow.

If Trace looks unhappy in this picture, I'm sure he was. I made him pose for a few with a dirty poo diaper, the making of which was also caught on camera. I'm sort of gingerly holding him so there won't be too much squish-age.

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Alainna Beus said...

Trace is a doll! He has your beautiful eyes. You look gorgeous, Laura. Five kids look good on you :) It was fun to catch up and read all your new blog posts. It had been WAY too long since you posted...but you had a good excuse -- at least 5 that I can think of.