Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ramblings: Barf stinks, in case you were wondering

Back to the doctor this afternoon with all the ninos--about the fourth time in a month.
Maddie's left ear is infected this time, as well as a sinus infection, and massive allergies.
Three weeks ago it was her right ear.
Left with two prescriptions.
While climbing in the car, Avery excited, pointed out he had left footprints.
Spotting a pile of something next to the car, I absentmindedly assumed it was just a puddle--it had rained last night.
Halfway home I almost have to pull over because of the stink.
Avery had been leaving barf footprints.
Someone else's barf. His footprints.
Someone else's barf stunk up the car for the next 2 hours.
On the way home from the doctor, we had to take Alex to piano lessons.
An hour later, we stopped to pick up the prescriptions along with a 15 minute wait.
Despite the windows open, shoes wrapped and hidden in the back, and the AC pumping, the entire car still reeked like death.
Before leaving the pharmacy drive thru, I opened Maddie's antibiotic to smell it and make sure it was flavored.
She's an ornery toot about bad tasting medicine.
The three second whiff of any aroma other than barf quickly flooding the car caused Maddie to scream from the back seat, "What is that wonderful smell? It smells like STRAWBERRIES!"
I guess it was flavored after all.
Lesson: Don't step in puddles. Just assume all puddles to be barf. Someone else's barf.


Deanna said...

Ugh! Gross! I'll probably be heading to that office tomorrow. I'll be sure to watch for piles of barf.

Good luck with the aroma of the car. Reminds me of the spilled milk we had in ours a few HOT summers ago. Yikes!!

Amy said...

Pregnant women should only have to deal with their own barf.

Kris said...

I assumed this was going to be a post about your own barf. That is pretty gross. Glad to know you didn't add to it. I agree with Amy. From our experience, I know that smells were what sent Lydianne over the edge.

Travis and Jamie said...

That is soooo sick! And all in your new car?! And being preggo! I feel for ya sister!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

barf does indeed smell. i know this because i have it land upon myself daily.

soon, this will be ur fate.